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Don Alexander is Jixian Celestial

Don Alexander is Jixian Celestial
My name is Don Alexander; I am 64 years old.I worked in technology during my working career, designing software for automobiles and airplanes, and managing software development projects. I also work with music and sound, doing occasional freelance work as a sound technician for TV network news. I have many hobbies, and have enjoyed photography since I was a child. I am divorced, with two children, who are now in college.
I formed an intentional community long ago, and have always been interested in alternative energy (solar, etc.), green housing, and cooperative lifestyles — and am happy to support all efforts to bring people together in harmonious ways.
I have read the 800 Values, and find them very similar to beliefs I have adopted in my own life. I believe that improving one’s mental and spiritual outlook — and pursuing good physical health practices — are worthwhile and important activities in life. I support the recognition and advancement of a global family, and affirm the value of non-possessive and non-dependent human relationships. I want to join other people who are creating effective, supportive, environmentally-friendly communities around the world; the Lifechanyuan group is working hard to create these places. I am therefore happy to seek membership in the Lifechanyuan Community.Guide reply:Don has been paying attention to and supporting Lifechanyuan for several years. He has already been engaged in the work of Chanyuan Celestial. Fortunately, it is a kind of glory to grant him the title - Jixian Celestial. Bless Jixian Celestial!

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The warmest congratulations to Don for becoming Jixian Celestial of Lifechanyuan!:hug:
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