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On-the-spot Record of Looking for the Fourth Branch's Location

On-the-spot Record of Looking for the Fourth Branch's Location
July 16, 2011
(Translated by Phoenix and Edited by Kaer)
On July 11th, Xuefeng, JiaoXian, ZhuHan, together with the three local experts went to Yongkang to seek the location for the fourth branch of the Second Home. We finished in Xingfu town slightly after 10PM, after driving more than 370Km that day.

On July 12th, We arrived at Yongkang town after driving 230Km, and made an on-the-spot investigation accompanied by our local contacts. It was nearly 240 acres of fertile land, but due to its proximity to the village and the problem of fuel (no firewood) which was not easy to solve, and the expensive land price, I gave it up as the location for the coming fourth branch. We visited the local litchi and mango gardens that afternoon, and stayed in the town of Yangkang that night.

On July 13th, we arrived in Yongde County, after breakfast we drove to the city of Nansan, near the Burmese border and took photos their.That afternoon, we drove more than 40Km to study another place in my plan for the fourth branch, but because of rough roads and a problem of insufficient power, I gave up on it too. We spent the night in Nansan.

On July 14th, we had planned to return, but while on the back way, the mayor called and said that they had found another place. We drove back to Nansan and investigated it, but it was still not my ideal place. After lunch, we drove to the Lincang area, had supper along the way, and we arrived in Lincang at about 9:00 PM and spent the night there.
On July 15th, We met and spoke with two landlords with good cordiality, but after several days of constant rain, our vehicle could not be driven over the several kilometers of mud roads, so we agreed to look at the place after the roads had dried. At noon the of us had lunch together in the Lincang Mantingyuan with the two from Lincang. After lunch we began to returne. We returned to the third branch at about 8:00 PM.
We had been driving more than 1,600Km over a five-day period and had learned much along the way. We saw a big harvest at the final location for the fourth branch.
Generally speaking, every place we saw was a potential paradise. We still needed to wait and see the final location for the fourth branch.The following are some pictures taken along the way. We hope you will enjoy them.

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