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[Sep 14, 2014] The Beautiful and Abundant Kataier Farm

The Beautiful and Abundant Kataier Farm
Youyuan Celestial
September 14, 2014
(translated by Xidai and edited by Kaer)
When I arrived at Kataier Farm, I saw Hengde, Cien, and Lingzi celestails driving a car full of pears to distribute. My heart was full of admiration and respect when I heard their greetings and saw them in high spirits and with vigorous attitudes. The high level of pears is beyond all our expectations after experiencing so much wind during the first half of the year. Compared with other districts, our pears are bigger and sweeter. When the pears ripen, a few tons of them will be picked, selected, and distributed. All these processes contain the blood and sweat, and the crystallization of wisdom of all the brothers and sisters at Kataier Farm.

It rained all the day after arriving at Kataier Farm and the air was fresh. It is said that the rain is plentiful these days. Though we are in the west of China, it seems like we are in the south. I feel so grateful when seeing brothers and sisters taking out the red jujube and pears now and then. Under adverse natural conditions, including a plethora of weeds, constant strong winds, sand, bitter water, and saline - alkali soil, we have grown Chinese cabbage, turnips, eggplants, green beans, Hami melons, and watermelons. We have a good harvest of pears, red jujube, and corn.

What else can this group of amiable and respectful people not do? What difficulties can stop them? Though some of them are middle-aged, nothing can stop such firm and brave hearts.

I am deeply honored to have learned from all the brothers and sisters at Kataier Farm!


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