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[Aug 12, 2015]A Palm Avenue is Built Up in “Blue Sky”

A Palm Avenue is Built Up in “Blue Sky”
(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

Get used to daily labor with neither holidays nor weekends, Blue Sky Camp changes daily and gradually becomes a Xanadu, hour by hour and day by day.
I want to build this place into the most beautiful Shangri-La on the earth, as it contains all good conditions here: blue skies and white clouds, green mountains and clear water, birds and flowers, simple local people, cool winters and warm summers, plus our creative and hard working people. The scenery will be amazing! My dream is that once we finish this construction, we will be able to invite every celestial to come here and live with us for a year to a year and half. Let us achieve the LIFE quality of celestial beings right here.
Please see the photos on the process of our construction.

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