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This is How A Xanadu is Built Up

This is How A Xanadu is Built Up
May 31, 2013
(Note:translated by tongxin celestial)

Nature has given us blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, flowers, birds and insects, sand and stones. All these are raw materials, how do we change the slopes, muddy land, sand field and messy grass slope into an ordered, beautiful paradise where birds can sing pleasantly and flowers emit fragrance? How shall we do to let people and nature co-exist harmoniously and complementary as well as give a full play to the value of these raw materials, thus making people living there feel beautiful and comfortable? It depends on the human's artificial creation.

For two years, we have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to create a picturesque land of idyllic xanadu. Now, once you live here,a strong feeling of comfort and beauty arise spontaneously. We imported the mountain spring water from one kilometer away, it flows in front of almost all the bedrooms, Tianshui Zai, Dahe Chuan, Jinyue Valley and Crescent Pond are all built by the sweat of our hard-working chanyuan celestials, now it‘s becoming such a picturesque. We planted more than 600 bamboos, more than 1000 fruit trees, dozens of flowers,imported a lot of ornamental trees and more than 1000 passion fruits, raised more than 200 chickens and 100 ducks, three boxes of bees, a few doves,and grew abundant vegetables which can not be eaten up all year around.This year due to the permaculture study, we planted a large field of buckwheat on the hillside which can't be eaten up ever day, we planted water celery and mint,a lot of potatoes, corns and sweet potatoes. I believe after two years, New Oasis for Life will become a wonderful ecological mode studied by people and the most beautiful fairyland on the earth.

Wonderful life and bright future comes from creation and hard work, in our home every chanyuan celestial works very hard every day, there isn't any lazy person, people work voluntarily and live a worry-free life, this is a group of people who are the most kind-hearted, hard-working, simple,sincere, civilized andtrustworthy,I believe that all friends whoever come from China or overseas   have such a feeling when living in the community.

Below are the photos of the construction of Fenming Ling with some chanyuan celestials in our 4th branch, you may have a check through them.


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