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Another Notice for the Application of Chanyuan Celestial

Another Notice for the Application of Chanyuan Celestial
Xue Feng
Jan13, 2010

Each time I turn down your application, I feel uncomfortable as you are. I do wish to bring all the people who want to become Chanyuan celestials to Lifechanyuan home. However, the reality is cruel; I have no choice but to close the door on you.
Lifechanyuan only “harvests the ripen crops”. Even once the “unripe crops” are taken in, they will ultimately be eliminated. Lifechanyuan has eliminated more than one thousand people. One fifth of the currently listed names will be eliminated. The process of easily giving a chanyuan celestial name then eliminating out is very painful, so please understand.
Actually, the standards and requirements of Chanyuan celestials are very strict, ten times stricter than selecting pilots.
Chanyuan celestials not only will create a Lifechanyuan era for human life, it also should be capable of touching the sky which is by no means easy for the common spiritual practitioners. Chanyuan celestials can not have any deformity, and they should have super comprehension ability.

I list some more UNACCEPTABLE terms as follows for applicants to check.
1. Illiteracy
It is hard for those who can not read Chanyuan corpus and Xuefeng corpus to comprehend Chanyuan concept.
Lifechanyuan implements brand new ideas and life system. Whereas the aged people have formed thinking set and consciousness through long time accumulation and it is hard for them to make a fundamental change and difficult to accept Chanyuan concept.
3. Disabled
This is not discrimination, but a standard. Handicapped people are not eligible for pilots, let alone Chanyuan celestial who will have big missions.
4. Too tall or too short; non symmetrical or unbalanced appearance; people with body odor.
I’m not choosing the beauties, it’s because the standards of place I want to take Chanyuan celestials to are very high.
5. People in the marriage and family life
Chanyuan celestial is leading a life without marriage and family. If you become a Chanyuan celestial, who will take care of your husband or wife? Who will attend to your parents and children? You can not just walk away and leave them behind, you have to take care of them and you can't be merciless.
6. Insufficient economic conditions
If you find it hard to be self sufficient, how can you possibly create Lifechanyuan era for human?
7. People are severely jealous, complaining and used to compare People who have the above mentioned three characters can not bring joy, happiness and free to other people, instead they tend to bring a series of distress, trouble, anxiety and worry.
8. No access to Internet
Network came into being for Lifechanyuan era. Lifechanyuan’s operation mainly depends on network. So it is impossible for you to involve in the construction of Lifechanyuan era without Internet access.
9. People find difficulty in expressing ideas and thoughts accurately
It is hard to cooperate with others if you can not express yourself and hard for me to guide you as well.
10. People who are not humble, modest and open-minded
People who are not humble, modest and open-minded are too stubborn, too rigid and hard to train.
We would rather not have Lifechanyuan than to lower its standard. And we would prefer not having Chanyuan celestials to reap the "unripe crops” into Lifechanyuan.
You can scold or blame Xuefeng for his cruelness, but it would not make him lower the standard.
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