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Human Fairyland, World Xanadu (the 4th Branch)

Human Fairyland, World Xanadu (the 4th Branch)
November 6, 2011
Note:translated by tongxin celestial

By the selfless working and contribution of human new civilization exploiters-chanyuan celestials, the kingdom of the Greatest Creator-an entirely communist community, the new life model of human being, New Oasis for Life is becoming the real human fairyland and world xanadu on the earth.

The perfect combination of the nature beauty and human creation presents the highly harmony between the will of the Greatest Creator and the pursuit of wonderful life of mankind, we chanyuan celestials are breaking abrand new road for ourselves and human beings, bathing in the spirit light of the Greatest Creator, following the preaching and teachings of God,Buddha,Celestial beings and Saints, we’re surely to bring people away from the suffering, leading people into a new era with no wars,no confusions,no criminals,no hunger and boundaries, into a world where people from all nations are friendly and happy together, where everybody is happy, joyful, free and blessed, where global people are holding together as one large harmonious family.

Other branches of our home is very beautiful now, the pictures below are displaying the 4th branch which is still in construction. Many places are not in ordered yet, while you may feel and imagine the future scene of it, a human fairyland,world xanadu like the Thousand-year world will appear in front of you after 1 year, please wait and see.

Living in such a poetic and beautiful environment, living with chanyuan celestials who have purified by chanyuan values, you may feel the attractive beauty everyday everywhere,each moment is charming and enjoyable. May more and more saints and sages come into this wonderful home, let’s work together to make this earth a human fairyland and world xanadu, a perfect happy land where human beings can enjoy the life happiness and live the wonderful unforgettable LIFE.

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