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A Brief Introduction to Sesame Hillside

Sesame Hillside was a barren slope located about four kilometers from Yinyi Ecovillage that we began with just three old houses, a few chicken coops, two ponds, and some fruit trees. In July of 2016, we started building a new community there, and within only three months, we had built fourteen bedrooms, four toilets, two showers, two warehouses, a kitchen, a beautiful dining room, a big activity room, a wash sink, and a new chicken coop. Also, fences were installed for the original fish ponds, vegetables were grown in large fields that we had opened, and a hundred chickens were raised. It was a miracle how we were able to transform that ragged hillside into a paradise of life. Sadly, in October of 2016, Sesame Hillside was disbanded and more than twenty members were forced to leave.

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