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My Resonance with Lifechanyuan (Kaer Celestial)

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My Resonance with Lifechanyuan
          Kaer Celestial
As young children, we each develop our own concepts of how people and things relate to each other and how they function as a whole. Later, as we grow and become indoctrinated with the norms of our societies, we become "educated" away from those pure concepts. It is rare that one will ever be reminded of those early feelings much later in life with clear evidence that they are perfectly valid.

When I began reading and editing the Guide, Xuefeng's work, long-abandoned but never forgotten memories filled my mind. A few of these readings have not fullyresonated with me but so many of them have that I have continued working for this community and look forward to the time when I can join it physically.

1.The problem with secular communism is that it places the people in opposition to their heavy-handed government in very many ways; by merging spirituality with communism, that opposition is done away with completely. The carrot works; the stick does not.

2. The core values of reverence for nature, reverence for life, and reverence for the life force of the universe or multiverse is a wonderful life philosophy. I add that all sentient life enjoys self possession and is not to benefit me at their expense.

3.    The respect that everyone in the community has for each other is wonderful and most who become incompatible can be punished by being made to feel uncomfortable and wanting to leave. This life is exemplified perfectly by the parable of the long spoons.

4. As all celestials live for the sublimation of their soul gardens and LIVEs, Lifechanyuan's societal structure is such that no celestial who accepts its values would ever place their own luxury and ease of living above that of any other community member regardless of what their job might be. The community is truly classless.

5.    Nothing found on the road is kept and doors are not locked at night; personal living spaces are sacred and never entered into without their resident's permission.

6.    Understanding that everyone in the community works for the same goal and only celebrates holidays that glorify nature is pure social glue as is knowing that the food is grown locally and is pure and delicious.

7.   Having everything but owning nothing is a carefree lifestyle with no concerns for guarding one's private possessions from their neighbors.

8.    Of course, in order to not risk damage to the entire community, no societal laws, rules, or infractions are ever allowed.

I expect to awaken some day in Lifechanyuan’s New Oasis for Life or in a reality that is very, very similar.
(translated by:Baobei Celestial)



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