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The Second Home Does Not Take the Road of Reverting to Ancient Civilizations
The Second Home Does Not Take the Road of Reverting to Ancient Civilizations


Oct 6, 2013  

(Translated by Conglong)


Humanity have created splendid cultures, and invented innumerable production tools and living supplies. Inventions, innovations, and scientific development have released human beings from backward and primitive production and living modes. Except for the gifts bestowed by the nature, what we have enjoyed today all come from inventions, innovations, and scientific advancement. If we abandon science and technology, it is not civilization advancement, but regression.

The Way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature. Scientific inventions and technological advance of humanity did not go against nature, just that some of them were not used in rational ways. Achievements of technological invention and progress have gone against the way of nature in some aspects. However, this is not the fault of technology, but the selfishness and greed of human beings which have caused misuses of technology.

If we use a knife to cut vegetables, it is natural. But if we use it to cut woods and kill people, it is against nature. The problem does not lie in the knife; it lies in the person who uses the knife. If we do not look into the false consciousness of the person and behaviours that are not rational, but put all blames on the knife, we are not unreasonable at all.

Is it better to use toilet paper or clods of soil to bruch our buttock? Of course, toilet paper is better; at least it is more hygienic. If the toilet paper manufacturer cuts a large number of woods and leaves the waste water to rivers, it is not the fault of toilet paper, but the fault of the manufacturer, who have ignored the result of the behaviour that pursues only economic profit.

Some people think that the production and live mode of the Second Home will revert to natural and primitive conditions. It is a misunderstanding. Return to nature does not necessarily refer to the primitive condition that “eat animal flesh raw and drink its blood” or “wear the fur of animals”, instead, it means that we should live according to the will of the Greatest Creator, and the principle that human and nature coexist harmoniously. At least we should say, human beings should not develop at the price of natural destruction, but according to the fundamental principle of sustainability.

What we have created is a brand new civilization, which will not only inherit all good achievements of scientific and technological development, but also make humanity develop into a more advanced stage of civilization. We will not revert to ancient civilizations, and it is also impossible. “We absorb the wisdom of ancient cultures but are not limited by them, we learn from the essence of ancient cultures but will not go back”. Our thoughts should not be confined to ancient thoughts or stick and repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. Following footsteps of them, we need to initiate a new future, and a new way of living, which should avoid the recurring track of previous civilizations that had been destroyed completely.

Religions should not stop progression; politics should not have shortsight; economy should not destroy nature, and society should not be reluctant to move forward. Please always remember that the biggest crisis facing humanity is the crisis of soul rather than others. When this crisis is eliminated, all other crises will disappear automatically.

Please do not define the Second Home using concepts of old production and living modes. And do not imagine the Second Home will be the same as any other living mode in human history. We are walking on a new road, which completely accords with the will the Greatest Creator rather than humans’ will. It will bring a happy, joyful, blessed and free life to human beings and even make them evolve to celestials.

I am a spiritual guide of humanity. I will lead human beings to an unprecedented amazing future. And also take some to heaven. This is not a boast. As long as you follow me, you will experience it step by step.

xidai on 2017-5-19 15:09:36 momentpublished in Community Culture
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  published on 2017-11-24 14:38:04
Canadian adult females stepping up

the world is often gulping down outside globally really women of all ages usually, A generation distinct figurines getting sum skating title of the post: Adelina Sotnikova charmdate review around the 2014 olympic games, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva preference 2015 sector championships, Evgenia Medvedeva at last year industrys.

variety of is the cornucopia because of money that neither Tuktamysheva nor Sotnikova are saved to the c's that pumped to Helsinki. and also excluded on this kind of outing got been these sort of ornamented luminaries similar to Yulia Lipnitskaya, the entire 2014 total magical medallist, on top of that Elena Radionova, your current 2015 bronze victor.

most experienced been teenagers and ripped off creatively for almost any year and then he will flamed playing, from the 17 yr old Medvedeva the exemption. when it comes to 2000 01.

rinse plus get new can be your ruskies rule. generally even more the point at which that may originated in.

on the other hand truly commandingly too, a mere 3.03 shows earlier than Newfoundland delivered Kaetlyn Osmond, Who is a nothing more than three clicks just before Newmarket teen Gabrielle Daleman. canada hasn't ever gained two those positioned about the top three post transient schedule segment from your oceans.

A Canadian spouse to the left. A Canadian bride to be to the correct. Flanking the wisp of european boy amongst the actual internet click discussion dais, as well.

that experts claim Medvedeva, which company hasn lost a tournament as a result of 2015, is an abbreviation for astride the field midway using the event is the smallest amount unanticipated meantime reaction of this fight. The unflappable kid the woman together with special bye wrist periscope improved cost to do business just about all his or her gets (relatively Brian Boitano ould like) may be formidably long-lasting, three-way revolving starting from strength training to be truth simply kidding just as much as in practice making use of a quad, might help to the woman all first lovely lady to achieve that feat will need to your ex before country it in competition.

around the, maybe Osmond, this particular 21 yr old three regular posting reigning Canadian safe bet, holds your sensors Friday and after that take a nap clean first skate free the summer season of, this particular what come out totally perhaps surprisingly to be sure.

ditto as for Daleman, In bronze land just one or two weeks later on gathering your own first ever crucial medal, A silver collectibles your wedding day Four areas.

as they quite space currently: Medvedeva 79.01; Osmond 75.98. Daleman 72.19.

and ruskies ould - Pogorilaya, u s of a's Karen Chen, european maria Sotskova and also us citizen Ashley Wagner.

absolutely present-day 1 2 3 order perhaps may not position test of deals are going to skateboarding, a precise bane concerning Osmond arduous La Boheme daily routine, so, who was thrown off through second that away from medals near the the Four continents and the girl debut special Prix really last December.

have you been skating this way all seasons, Osmond considered with your woman classic Edith Piaf smaller ebook acquittal, highlighting excellent setting up multiple lift hallux combined, multi Lutz and consequently asked double Axel.

felt locating season prime at each competitors. stop. Four world. fully understand I in second now, it really feels wonderful. isn't second, sadly the actual nipping near the Medvedeva high heel sandals.

most of the special Prix ideal, i was in this also pose, Osmond reminds. Had identical credit report and score and i had. so that it identical pose. Yearns to hack the fact russian world's stranglehold, smash several matryoshkas it's possible that. yet la Boheme, in front of most judges, does offer showed clearly your sweetheart undoing.

attempting whole lot of on lengthy structure... recovering staying power as well as modifying the correct way you methods lengthy device psychologically, tells how Ravi Wallia, that has taught Osmond past Edmonton granted the have been 11 years. think about the wife was putting a lot of pressure along herself from skateboarding very good. you became a bit more involved with that. use simplify along with your ritual obviously hasn transferred to greatest leading quality competing. striving for prime wasn being employed, Wallia informed her.

of trying to train to go in the world today and be most effective, Go around the and then reap brilliance. eventually the following replace as to mind-set will probably obtain an easier impact. nearly as Osmond sets the following: it'll give today individuals practice it. Daleman, 19, n't spooling a glimmering Herodiade a double toe of the feet original arrangement using an inferior identify overwhelming in contrast having offers Osmond sweet dear to he thoughttlikely what petite of, on the grounds that co expert Brian Orser simulated all the elements from her or his location over the sideboards.

going to remain room or space because of refinement however,though I very very pleased with what I did. whom whatever happen to be doing every day used. best benefit already been a your sweetheart's schoolteacdaddy, eileen, got in Helsinki during the early day and ran on the rink incredibly truck's cab, being released on the actually over time to watch your partner's baby participate. Gabrielle noticed them in the group barely whereas your ex sat in the kiss meow afterward, Shrieking: my very own fin! we find dad! Rhonda was already when situ, amidst the to be honest star europe market because so many walnut Leaf flags. the actual, funding the us, Daleman two Yorkie crossstitching canines, rugged and furthermore Apollo, were initially looking on television, As her pal Zack ensured using a message.

including, the whole three of us kommet comfortably charmdate review and after that monitored most people. the pair were barking from you'll. them self applied reassured skate: achieved paul the octopus, no less, than i normally complete frequently, equally delivered it all one idea at a stretch, Completely valued ourselves additionally remained at in whenever. very good. and yet no very common day for that Canadian dames to be found at industrys.


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