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NewOasisForLife My Ideal
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I Have an Ideal



Following the footprints of immortals, sages, oracles, and saints, I have crossed and trekked across numerous treacherous mountains and rivers. Roaming all through the wilderness of my soul, I have spread the message of the Greatest Creator.The wishes of God and Buddha and the expectations of oracles and saints have converged to form my ideal, which is as bright and clear as the shining sun and can be food of thought for you to meditate over.


People have trekked over a long path soaked in blood. Jesus and Sakyamuni have revealed to us that there are many higher spaces of LIFE in the universe and have earnestly and tirelessly admonished us not to wander astray from the great road of LIFE. Innumerable immortals, sages, oracles, and saints have exerted their utmost efforts for the happiness of mankind. Their souls still shine brightly over us, warning us not to act against the laws of nature and wishing us to live happy lives. However, blinded by the dense fog of “civilization”, we have been straying further and further away from the great road.


I want to kindle a beacon of hope to light up the endless darkness and bring mankind a ray of hope. I want to create an oasis out of the vast and isolated desert and offer an auspicious and harmonious habitat for LIFE on earth. I want to build a land of spirit and soul out of the boundless ocean of flaunty material prosperity and lead those people who revere the Greatest Creator, love LIFE and nature, and possess beautiful human nature and soul to it, and to sever them eternally from the abyss of sufferings. I will shepherd them safely to the Thousand-Year World  to enjoy this wonderful time of the millennium.


The people favored by God and Buddha are still miserably shackled in spirit and soul. In this bustling world overrun with desire for material acquisitions, people with purer and better hearts are more prone to spiritual and psychological tortures and cannot afford even a moment of peace and quiet.Every place reeks of putrid smells. What meet the eyes are wickedness and evils that remain unpunished. Man’s tremendous amount of legal articles and religious teachings are powerless to avert the depravity of immorality and the prevalence of wickedness. Viciously misleading evil souls and junk-thought sit high on the throne of truth.


Despotism has not only caused the loss of personal and spiritual freedom for the governed, but also has caused the governing class to be trapped in a quagmire of desperation, with no hope to obtain the true freedom of LIFE.



Only Communism Can Save Mankind

The Personal Information of Xue Feng

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with Xuefeng


 I want to say that this plight of mankind lies not in the material aspect but rather in the spiritual aspect. The wasteland of spirit and soul is the real source of human suffering. SEEKING A HOMESTEAD FOR SPIRITS AND SOULS IS AN URGENCY FOR MANKIND. The blind pursuit of material acquisition can only be analogous to quenching one’s thirst with poisoned wine or stopping water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back in. Therefore, such acts will not only cause the ruin of the earth, but mankind itself.


An era is a demonic one if the dignity of a person is determined by the amount of money they have and the social position they have attained and if the value of one is not measured by their moral character and good deeds. A society is an evil one if it allows its citizens to become wealthy through speculation and plundering instead of with honest and diligent labor. A government is a despotic and satanic one if it spares no effort to force-out new thinking but attempts to lock people in an ignorant, barbaric, and savage world. A nation will be one that is void of wisdom and oriented toward insanity and destruction if it does not advocate dedication and love, but blindly instigates its people to use violence.


Man’s worries originate from ignorance and selfishness. From ignorance, we have invited demons in but shut the door to God and Buddha, and from selfishness, we have chosen wickedness but abandoned righteousness. A lot of good ideals and kind moralities are often snuffed out in the cradle. The desolation of the soul is the optimum soil to breed junk thought and religious plagues.


Today people are engulfed in information. Television, networks, newspapers and magazines, books, and lectures are infusing far more mountains of information into us than we can digest, thus causing intellectual indigestion, malnutrition, and ill health. The pursuit of knowledge has become a morbid hunger. The more we attempt to swallow down unthinkingly, the less we understand. Various media have become the fertile soil to cultivate ignorance and blind, manic adherence.


Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual perception, those literati have written rancid articles under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying culture forward, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality, and promoting benevolence, all under the disguise of adhering to “belief”, cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism. They have fabricated so much cultural garbage and so many spiritual drugs that it is impossible to clean them all up. The roughly manufactured scum has become our daily food for thought, which has directly distorted our values, destroyed our human environment, and polluted our naturally pure hearts.


Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual sense, those literati hangmen worship these rancid articles as classics under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality, and promoting benevolence, and all under the disguise of “adhering to belief”, cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism. As for those works of wisdom, which shine resplendently with thought, they look down upon them as “heresies” and wield their cultural butcher knives upon them without hesitation.


As for the Chinese people, on one hand you have been heaving sighs that China has become a land deserted by the Greatest Creator, but have you on the other hand acquired the broadness of mind to include great wisdom? Can you recognize Great Wisdom when it really “descends from heaven”? 


I have an ideal that the Greatest Creator may enter China and the human world, that Christianity and Buddhism may regain their prevalence here, and that humanity may be restored on a beautiful land. 


When conspiracy and tricks prevail over truth, justice is taunted, enthusiasm meets with contempt, reverence for the Greatest Creator is regarded as ridiculous, oppression and bullying are viewed as inviolable power, the hoodwinked masses are meanwhile branded as ignorant, freedom is slandered, life is trampled, right and wrong are reversed, black and white are confused, and good and evil people mix together, then in such situations we have no choice but to search the source of LIFE. Only in this way can we pierce through the indistinct murk and see the light. Only in this way can we steady the steer in the turbid and turbulent waves and ultimately reach the ocean of LIFE.


In this unusual time of superficial prosperity when actual crises are lurking everywhere, we are not yet in a position to sing praises to the virtues or merits. At a time when the journey is rough and treacherous, flattery and conservativeness cannot salvage us. Now is not yet the time when “the bank of injustice” has gone completely bankrupt. Any non-action and dawdling will only speed up the approach of “doomsday”. We will eventually lose our beautiful homesteads and splendid futures if we are only capable of destruction but are incapable of construction, if we do not know how to repay other people’s favors but are only bent on vengeance, and if we only want to acquire from others but do not know how to dedicate to others.


For many centuries, man’s blind behaviors have dug out an abyss which can engulf us at any moment and thus should be filled in. The sooner it is leveled off, the better we will be. 


Reverence of the Greatest Creator and adherence to his Way is our only hope because it is only in front of the Greatest Creator that we can have equal human dignity. We must worship the Greatest Creator so that our minds will possess souls and our knowledge will be transformed into wisdom. Only in this way can we understand the meaning of LIFE and embark on the great road of LIFE.


You may lock yourself up in an ivory tower, lose yourself in piles of broken papers, and engross yourself in so-called academic research, thus placing yourself outside of social issues, and in so doing, you will seem to have entered a serene heaven, however, can you expect an egg to remain intact if the nest is overturned? Can you derive any great achievements from your research that may do any good to humankind? You will be poking your head inside a cave, leaving your hindquarter exposed, and fancying that what is not seen does not exist.


The unrealistic teaching or “truth” that blindly preaches the pursuit of happiness of future life is absurd and wicked. A person who always wears a smile is relentless at heart while a person who always drips tears is cruel at heart.


Children suffer from starvation and cannot afford education and the poverty-stricken have no money to treat their diseases while we manufacture various kinds of luxury products and one lifeless skyscraper after another. Is this not a mockery and blasphemy against LIFE?


If our neighbors have no freedom, we ourselves cannot obtain complete freedom. If they are suffering from starvation, we cannot fully enjoy dainty foods in our mouths. If people in remote areas are crying, we will not be able to quietly enjoy the comfort and luxuries of big cities. 


I have an ideal. I will lead those who truly yearn for the Greatest Creator to Lifechanyuan, transform the jarring hullabaloo into a fraternal movement, and play the jovial symphony of LIFE.


I firmly believe that mankind can walk out of the dark spiritual canyon and wasteland, and enter an unprecedented beautiful field. I firmly believe that the soul will prevail over the flesh and that people will eventually obtain the freedom of body and mind and the serenity of LIFE. 


This is not a golden fantasy for the remote future. The majestic tides are surging with a mighty momentum. Within their broad bosoms are contained colorful gems that can decorate our lives and make them more noble and beautiful. When the unexpected supernatural event comes, its mysterious power shall strike people’s heartstrings, vast fields will take on splendid coatings, polluted rivers will become clear and pure again, turbid skies will be changed into expanses of white clouds against blue, and free rhythms will reverberate in every inch of the land. 


Eternal virtue remains with Jesus Christ!

Supreme wisdom is ascribed to Sakyamuni!

Eternal glory belongs to the Greatest Creator!



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