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[Values] Build Great Faith — the Culture Building of the New Oasis for Life I

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Building Great Faith - Culture Building of the New Oasis for Life I


February 21, 2010

(Translated by Transn Ltd. and Edited by Kaer)


Your type of faith will determine your type of soul, your type of soul will determine our type of culture, and our type of culture will determine the way of Life and the production and operational mechanism of our society.

The cultural construction of the New Oasis for Life has direct bearings upon our way of life, the production and operational mechanism of our society, and how we can ascend to the highest realms of Life and LIFE in order to realize our ultimate ideal goal.

The paramount principle for cultural construction in the New Oasis for Life is building Great Faith:

Great Faith in Buddha and the Greatest Creator
Great Faith in Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, the Immortal Lao Tze, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the great leader Mao Zedong
Great Faith in our guide, Xuefeng

It would be impossible to build a healthy culture without these three Great Faiths and people would lose their direction, fall asunder, and plunge into chaos. The resulting internal strife would waste time, energy, material, and mental efforts. As a result, it would be impossible to  pioneer the Lifechanyuan era in which “the worthy person can fully utilize their talents”, “the whole world is like one family”, “no one will keep lost articles found on the road”, and “houses need not be bolted at night”, where everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvesting, everyone will be happy, free, and pleasant, all methods are unified into one general principle, and all religions are unified into one uniform belief system.

What is Great Faith? Great Faith is complete belief and trust without reservation. Great Faith means trusting that which you understand and that which you do not yet understand.

Every Chanyuan celestial must read "The Greatest Creator" thoroughly, and then read "Revelations" in connection with their Life experience in order to build Great Faith in the Greatest Creator. Without this Great Faith, Life would be like a river without a source or a tree without a root.

Every Chanyuan celestial must read the four gospels according to "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke ", and "John", as well as "The Gospel of Judas", have profound knowledge of the "Diamond Sutra", the "Heart Sutra", and the "Tao Te Ching", worship the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Islamic spirit, learn Mao Zedong's spirit of serving the people with a full heart and soul, form the most sublime wishes, and build the Great Faith in Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, Mohammed (PBUH), and Mao Zedong.

Every Chanyuan celestial should read Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus thoroughly, know about the guide Xuefeng, and build the Great Faith in the guide Xuefeng. You can ask yourself, who in this world can inherit and carry forward the wisdom of God, Buddha, Celestial beings, sages, and saints in a systematic and complete manner. Who can build a systematic, complete, and comprehensive theoretical system about the origins of humankind, the universe, the time and space of the universe, Life, LIFE, and science? Who can precisely lead people away from the sea of tribulations? Who can make people sleep well, eat well, play well, and eliminate their fears, worries, and anxieties over food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, illness, and death, yet at the same time make sure that they fully exhibit their personalities and enjoy the pleasures of Life? Who can create a beautiful environment where there is a unified will with pleasant feelings but no suppression, exploitation, bullying, or oppression? Who knows the secrets of the heavenly kingdom and can lead people toward it and ultimately into it? Certainly Xuefeng is capable of all these things.

If you do not believe in such a person, then may I ask who else and what else we can believe in? "Comparison can tell who is superior and who is inferior”. You are invited to compare everyone in history and everyone who is alive today. If any of them can surpass Xuefeng in words and actions, then you should abandon the guide Xuefeng immediately.

Faith is truth; love is LIFE; faith accomplishes everything.
Small faith accomplishes small things and Great Faith accomplishes great things.
Without faith, no one will know what course to take and they will accomplish nothing.

With Great Faith, you can overcome all your difficulties and hardships in life, you can light up the magic lamp in your heart and illuminate the road ahead, you can get rid of passivity and pessimism and form a positive and optimistic attitude, and you can pursue the sun and leave the darkness to finally reach the indomitable soul mountain.

We should build this cultural atmosphere, namely the Great Faith in the Greatest Creator, the Great Faith in Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, the immortal Lao Tzu, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the great leader Mao Zedong, and the Great Faith in Xuefeng, the guide of Lifechanyuan.

This is the core of culture building of the New Oasis for Life.

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