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NewOasisForLife Letter to earth citizen
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A Letter to Earth Citizens from International Big Family 

All earth citizens, Secretary General of the United Nations, heads of every country government,


We share the common view that the earth is a small village in the vast universe. And all the earth villagers are the Greatest Creator’s children. Only when we are all together can we put an end to all kinds of crises and conflicts and can we keep the ecological balance of the earth and realize the sustainable development for people.


"No eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset". If the earth is ruined, nobody can escape from it. The crises that human being face are more and more severe. The frequently occurring natural disasters are the warning signs. If we ignore them, do not give up our personal interests, and still live with traditional lifestyles, it will be too late to regret.


The core of all the crises are soul crisis. Purifying our souls is the greatest primary task for human beings.  Taking stop-gap measures could never eliminate the crises and future risks. Only soul purification can help human beings take a turn for the better.



The situation is urgent. The Second Home established by Lifechanyuan would be dedicated to building up an international big family. We have the theory system of soul purification and successful practical experience, we are here inviting all the global citizens to join us, to validate, cooperate and put our common dream into practice.


The international big family would allow no difference of nations.All nationalities around the world, all religious groups, all political parties, and all members of different organizations would be an essential part of this big international family. Everyone will be respected, cared for, and sympathized. Every life being is precious and worth cherishing.


Massive crimes mainly result from the survival environment, not personal issues. An undesirable survival environment will result in massive crimes, but a good survival environment will reduce the crime dramatically.Therefore, apart from purifying our souls, thoroughly changing the traditional production and life mode is currently the top priority for all human beings.



Traditional marriage and family is no doubt the source of humanity’s miseries and all kinds of conflicts. If they are not completely destroyed and replaced by the new life and production mode created by Lifechanyuan, humanity’s miseries will be endless and will lead to its destruction.


We hope the United Nations, the governments of all countries, all religions and political parties, and each citizen of the earth can think deeply about this, and every government will give the green light to our big international family and not to cling to the outmoded systems in order to safeguard their own interests. They should not to stop or interfere with the development of the community because of any political reasons, and they should give more support rather than attack to the cause that is beneficial to its nation and to all human beings.


We hope that all citizen of the world can participate in the activities of this international family and accept the purification of their souls. People should change their traditional thinking mode, ideology, habits, lifestyle, and any value that is not compatible with the development of civilization.If each one can sacrifice a small part of their private interest to make efforts for the interests and wellbeing of the entire humanity, the world will get out of its crises and walk towards a bright new era.


We hope that peace will be with us forever and that we will be blessed by Mother Nature. I hope the relationships of all nations will be in harmony and its people will be safe. I hope that joy, happiness, and freedom will be with each citizen of the world and the “one world, one family” dream will soon come true!


Pray for each citizen of the world!


Best wishes for each life being on the earth!



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