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A New Life Mode for the Vibration Ascension

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A New Life Mode for the Vibration Ascensionthe

The proclamation from Lifechanyuan Spiritual Guide Xuefeng


Hello, beloved brothers and sisters all over the world:
Very glad to meet you here!
I’m Xuefeng, the founder of Lifechanyuan and New Oasis for Life Community, I’m also the president of Lifechanyuan International Family Society.
I am very honored to be invited to participate the World Proclamation of the
Vibrational Ascension, because it resonates completely with my heart and my soul.

I am living in Canada now, I was born in northwest China, my mission is to preach the Greatest Creator and the way of the Greatest Creator, to reap the “ripe crops”, and lead humanity into a new, free, and happy millennium in which “all thoughts and beliefs will be unified into the Greatest Creator's will”, and build the world into one big family.

I am the messenger of the Greatest Creator, I inherits all the preachings and the best wishes of Gods, Buddhas, Celestial beings, and saints from different cultures and nations, I am also the angel who has come to reap the “ripe crops”, I am the spiritual guide of mankind.

For the last 20 years, I have established a universal Values System for human beings by writing over 5000 articles in more than 10 million words, it is called Lifechanyuan Values, we also built a New Life Mode for human beings based on these Values, it is named New Oasis for Life Community.

Since 2009, we have built up thirteen New Oasis for Life Communities in mainland China, yes of course we have encountered much difficulties that is coming from the darkness. Even so, the community is running very well.

And I believe it has brought the earth into a much higher Vibration level, because as far as I know, the core of the earth’s vibration ascension depends on the establishment, study, promotion, and practice of a universal Values system, and a brand new life mode based on it. Only in this way can we overcome the difficulties— separation, barriers, fightings, and conflicts which caused between nation and nation, country and country, political party and political party, religion and religion, and even between people and people. These problems happen, and are caused by the outdated concepts. We know outdated concepts are such as country, religion, political party, traditional family lifestyle. All these cause problems.

So we need to wipe out the outdated concepts, and only when every corner of the earth realize the necessity and join this ascension, and follow the universal Values System, can the earth reaches a higher vibration, and human beings step into a new bright future.

A wonderful and paradisiacal era is coming!
In this new era, we will be able to:

Be free from the worries of survival; even life and death.
we will be free from the bondage of marriage and precepts; and will enjoy life without being managed or supervised, we will do our job happily, and we will sing songs, we dance and play games, and all the resources will be shared globally, and everyone will enjoy love bestowed by the Greatest Creator if we follow the Greatest Creator’s will.
There will be no crime, no war, no fighting, no conflicts, even no hunger, there will be abundant food for us, there will be no pollution, even no flood, no fire, no earthquake, no tornadoes, and world will get into peace, and everyone will enjoy the life.

Now I will share with you the prayer and blessings from Lifechanyuan people——Chanyuan celestials from Lifechanyuan International Family branches. They are the pioneers that witnessed this new life mode in the past 11 years, they experienced the up and down, bitterness and happiness on the road of moving forward. Enjoying a happy, joyful, free, and blessed life, they are the lives that already living in a higher vibration space on the earth. Here are some Chanyuan celestials from branches of China, Thailand, New Zealand etc:


Beloved brothers and sisters, how do you like the videos?  We hope you will join us to built the international family branches together, create a paradise-like life all over the world, so as to lead the human beings into a bright and auspicious era!

I’m here waiting for you!
Facebook: Lifechanyuan International Family


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