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[Values] Eliminate Greed, Corruption, Laziness, Extravagance, Selfishness, and Waste VI

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Eliminate Greed, Corruption, Laziness, Extravagance, Selfishness, and Waste

- the Culture Building of New Oasis for Life VI


February 24, 2010

(Translated by Transn Ltd. and Edited by Kaer)


There are six (6) arch-enemies of civilization that we are striving to eliminate in the New Oasis for Life:







They are the characters and behaviors of demons, cancers on the body, viruses of depravity against life, pathways to evil, poisons that erode beautiful souls, and the undercurrent, reef, and quicksand that hinder people's evolution toward the Lifechanyuan era.

In order for us to create a cultural environment in which everyone is joyous, happy, free, and blessed, in order to ensure that man and nature, and man and man live in harmony and peace, and in order to realize our most beautiful wishes and most sublime ideals, we should prevent the occurrence of those six evils and thoroughly do away with the soil for them to breed and grow. Otherwise, the mansion of civilization will collapse because will have been built on unstable quicksand.

Every Chanyuan celestial must understand that regardless of how much sweat and effort we put into our Home, and no matter how much we contribute to it, our main purpose is to pay back the debts we have accumulated over different lives and to build up a wealth and treasure for our journey to the heavenly kingdom, rather than to acquire more benefits and interests from the Home than any other Chanyuan celestial. No contribution or devotion should be an excuse to introduce any of those six evils into the New Oasis For Life or to become a bargaining tool and standard for the formation of a special interest group to stand high above the others.

Everything in the New Oasis for Life belongs to all Chanyuan celestials and these are the controls that will be used to prevent that from ever changing:

1.Greed will be suspected of anyone who has kept in hand only one cent, one needle, or one piece of thread.

2.Corruption will be suspected of anyone who has enjoyed privately a material standard of life that is only the least bit higher than that of other Chanyuan celestials.

3.Laziness will be suspected of anyone who has not worked efficiently for at least six (6) hours every day for the Home.

4.Extravagance will be suspected of anyone who has enjoyed a standard of food, clothing, shelter, or transportation that is any higher than that of other members.

5.Selfishness will be suspected of anyone who has occupied and enjoyed the resources of the Home above and beyond the satisfaction of their basic needs, or if they have attempted to control another member’s spirit and soul or hinder their freedom.

6.Waste will be suspected of anyone who has devalued the principle of full utilization of resources and talents.

How can we prevent the occurrence of these six evils in the New Oasis for Life?

1.We should learn and understand the "800 Values for New Era Human Being" constantly, always uphold them, make sure that every Chanyuan celestial living permanently or temporarily in the Home builds the noblest goals, believes in great and lofty ideals, cultivates a noble moral character, sublimates the realm of their LIFE, exhibits sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, and honesty in the depth of their soul, willingly and voluntarily learns and follows the examples of saints and sages, lights up the magical lamps within their soul, constantly remains alert to keep themself from depravity, and establishes a moral court within their own conscience with which to judge of themself.

2.We should eliminate private ownership and guarantee that everyone owns nothing but has everything, solve the issues of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, aging, and dying for everyone, support our elderly, raise and educate our children, support our physiological needs, enrich our spiritual and cultural life, and promote our taste of life. At the same time, we should do away with any soil for the contention of power, interests, positions, money, fame, or beautiful women, and make sure that there are no powers worth contending for, special positions available for occupation, money available for embezzlement, fame for people to capitalize on, or beauty to be privately possessed.

3.Every Chanyuan celestial has freedom of speech and exercises the right to be the master of the Home. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely and we shall never limit any freedom of speech, take revenge on, or punish those who speak out their opinions. A special meeting of exchange is held every week for anyone to expose any instances of the six evils that have occurred in the home. We should check those dangerous actions without delay and when any trace of such a trend is discovered, it should be banished immediately.

4.We should never fail to uphold the principle that criticism is to be aimed at actions rather than people and to always have a strict attitude toward actions but a gentle one toward people. We should not apply principles to anything casually or mete out punishment casually and should always remember that none of us are perfect and that everyone is likely to ere. We should ensure that those who have made mistakes are given enough time to repent, correct their mistakes, and improve their characters. We should forgive those who have made mistakes and always bear in mind that every Chanyuan celestial is our sister, brother, relative, or lover, and definitely not our competitor or enemy.

Regardless of whether the Home is in a favorable condition or an adverse situation, we must strive to combat the six evils constantly and eliminate the soil, climate, environment, and conditions for their birth in the Home's operating procedure of production and life. It is only in this way that we can create comfortable, harmonious, lively, and energetic conditions for unified and individual feelings to live together harmoniously. This is the only way that we can shoulder the task of creating and piloting the Lifechanyuan era for mankind. Only in this way can we reach the highest realms of life and LIFE and arrive at those ultimate destinations.


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