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The Stories of Canada Branch

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The Stories of Canada Branch

July 29, 2023

The rose flowers on the lawn in front of the guest room are in full bloom, but the row of hundreds of rose flowers on the side of the road suddenly disappeared. What's going on?

I caught the thief. When I turned off the light at 4:30 that morning, a deer turned around and looked at me, as if mocking me: "What? I just dropped all the flowers. What can you do to me?"

The B&B of Canada Branch can be said to be a small window to understand the white society in the West, such as the story that happened the day before yesterday and today. A woman stayed with her husband for two days. Her husband skipped breakfast and said he hadn’t eaten breakfast all the time. The woman was still reading even while eating breakfast. After breakfast, she sat on a stool in the corridor to read. I told her people look at their mobile phones every day, and she said she never looks at her mobile phone (there are photos to prove it). A family of five came to Switzerland yesterday. The husband and wife and three older boys, the youngest boy is fifteen years old, so the five people can only live in three rooms. In the evening, the father of the boy came to return the key to one room. It is said that three children can squeeze one bed, which saves the cost of a room. It seems that it is a difficult family. In addition, I found that the family education of this family seems to be a problem. Yesterday, the mother carried a big bag and pulled a heavy bag. luggage, but the three sons walked easily with nothing in their hands. When having breakfast this morning, the eldest son, who should be in his twenties, occupied the best soft seat at the dining table, while the father sitting on a hard chair. Another family came yesterday, a middle-aged couple with two daughters. We added a bed to their room. After a while, the lady came to ask us for big bath towels, saying that there are only two big bath towels for the four of them. , they want us to give two more. I thought to myself that your family only pays for one room, and two large bath towels are standard for each room. We already provided the best. Besides, the youngest daughter is only three years old, there is no need for a big bath towel. But this is just my mental activity, and my approach is still based on customer satisfaction, so I satisfied her request. There is also a woman, who should be a white-collar worker, because she was still doing business at the dining table during breakfast yesterday morning, filling out forms and making phone calls. She used the bath towels and made them very dirty. I felt that they did not match their status.

Here, you can meet all kinds of white people every day, from which you can learn about the humanities and family customs of Western society.












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