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Collective Life is Superior to Individual Life

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Collective Life is Superior to Individual Life


The collective life discussed here refers to a mode of existence in which many people live together according to communist principles. The individual life mentioned here is defined as a mode of existence in which each person lives independently according to capitalist principles. Family life is capitalist in nature, although it takes the form of communism.

Individual life befits the selfish person, while collective life is ideal for unselfish people. If you are barbarous, ignorant, selfish, narrow-minded, insidious, jealous, resentful, and have bad habits, then you had better live an individual life; on the other hand, if you are civilized, well-educated, public-minded and unselfish, open-minded, kind, loving, and merciful, and are free of mental or physiological defections, then collective life suits you the best.

The collective life is superior to individual life mainly in the following eight aspects:

1. Collective life is more colorful than individual life.

2. People leading a collective life are less likely to suffer depression and other mental illnesses.

3. Collective life is safer than individual life and has less anxiety and fear.

4. Collective life is not monotonous and tedious, individual life often leads to depression and isolation.

5. Collective life allows people to have more leisure time for entertainment and cultivation because of the division of labor and cooperation.

6. Collective life offers more opportunity of communication, and thus people have fewer restrictions and checks against each other and enjoy greater freedom.

7. Collective life operates on the principle of "sharing weal and woe" between members and thus people have less pressure of life and can achieve happiness more easily.

8. Collective life is the necessary road that leads LIFE to higher level of LIFE spaces.Individual life may induce selfishness and thus makes it difficult for people to ascend to the heavenly kingdom.
Jesus Christ warns us that it is more difficult for wealthy people to go to the paradise than for the camel to pass through the hole of the needle. Why? Because wealthy people are not willing to lead a collective life. Wealthy people would not have others share their happiness.  It is absolutely impossible for a person to go to the heavenly kingdom if he or she is not willing to share his wealth with others, because life in there is not individual life but collective life. There are neither rich people nor poor people in the heavenly kingdom.

Only those who love collective life and blend themselves in the collective life can have the hope to enter the paradise.

The more perfect nonmaterial structure of LIFE a person has, the greater love and passion this person will have for collective life. The more flawed nonmaterial structure of LIFE a person has, the greater love and passion this person will have for individual life and the more difficult it is for him to blend into collective life.

It is based upon profound and sound consideration that Lifechanyuan puts forward the proposal that Chanyuan celestials lead a collective life. Cultivation is conducted completely in accordance with the need of heavenly kingdom and the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni. Lifechanyuan is leading people to live in heavenly kingdom in an all-round manner. It is necessary not only to be sensible, increase wisdom, enhance the taste of life, we must also continuously promote the consciousness of paradise in our daily life,  and develop and form the good habit to familiarize ourselves with and adapt to the life in heavenly kingdom.

Whether Xuefeng has spoken the truth, you can tell it from your own heart. You can read about the thoughts of all saints and sages in history, you can check it against and contrast it with the teachings of Jesus Christ, of Buddha Sakyamuni, and of celestial being Lao Tzu. You can use your spiritual perception. If you have done these seriously, you will understand why Lifechanyuan ask that everyone long for collective life and live a collective life.

Not everyone is qualified or meets the condition to lead the collective life. A person that has not been influenced by the values of Lifechanyuan will find it difficult to live in collective life and will soon be eliminated. A selfish, arrogant, irrational, narrow-minded, faulty, mentally and psychologically handicapped, dishonest, and ill-bred person will find it very difficult to stay in the Second Home of Lifechanyuan for a long time, because his or her selfish and arrogant structure of consciousness does not match the collective structure of sharing weal and woe and he cannot put up with the bondage of the collective atmosphere.

Whether you can live harmoniously in a collective life is the best touchstone to check which level, realm and state a person has achieved in self-refinement and cultivation.This is not decided by how glib a tongue you have or how good a form you can put up. What matters is your inner mind. If you love collective life from the bottom of your heart and can smoothly blend into collective life, then you have achieved a lot in cultivation. Otherwise you have not got anywhere in cultivation, you might have been led astray.

Just feel for yourself and gain the understanding that collective life is superior to individual life.


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