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[Values] Modernized Streamline Production and the Life Pattern

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Modernized Streamline Production and the Life Pattern of New Oasis for Life

Sep 16, 2011

Let's see the roads and streets all over the world, all packed with endless flow of automobiles. I have a question, where do so many vehicles come from?

The answer: They come from the production line of modern automobile manufacturers. Now a new car can "flow" out from the streamline of a large enterprise every several minutes. Or possibly a car can be produced in only one minute. Before the adoption of streamline, Ford Company spent 12 hours 28 minutes in assembling one T-model automobile in small workshops. After the introduction of streamline, the time was reduced to eight seconds for each automobile, and the efficiency of manufacture increased by 4488 times. The cost of production was reduced by nearly 50%. A small workshop can make only 12 automobiles in one year, but the streamline can produce nearly 100,000 automobiles in one year. This shows how great the power of streamline production is.

What is the streamline production?

Streamline production works by dividing a whole manufacturing process into different separate procedures, each handled by a specific person, and forming a complete finished product at the terminal of the production line. The workers on the streamline are only adept at the procedure they are doing but know almost nothing about how other procedures are conducted or how the entire product is manufactured. Thus, workers attending the streamline are all technical experts and elites.

The advantage of streamline production is the greatly reduced cost of production, the greatly increased product performance and quality, and the greatly promoted production speed and efficiency. Now a very ordinary car sells at only 30, 000 RMB in China. With the traditional method of production in a small workshop, it will be impossible to produce such a car at this price.

Now streamline production has been employed to manufacture all kinds of machines and equipments, cars, computers, or mobile phones. The traditional method of production in small workshops has long been eliminated. Because of high cost, low efficiency, and poor quality, the production methods of small workshops can no longer meet the requirement of the market.

Accordingly we can figure out which is the best way of life for mankind, the small workshop type of life or the streamline type of life?

Let's make a comparison. The small workshop type of life is represented by the huge number of small families that live according to traditional customs, while the streamline type of life is the life pattern of the Second Home in Lifechanyuan.

In the traditional life of small workshop type of family, each adult must be an all rounder and must do many things, like purchase, processing, production, cleaning, washing, looking after old people and children, reciprocating courtesy, dealing with people outside the family, and so on. For example, after getting up in the morning a housewife in a rural area will first do cleaning, cook breakfast, take care of children and elderly people, then she will make haste to go to work in the field, after returning from the work in the field she will pick up vegetables in the garden, wash the vegetable and cook the lunch, wash the cauldron and clean the stove, and after a short break she will hurry again to the work in the field, and after returning from the work outside she will go on to cook the dinner and wash clothes. These are only routine tasks. In addition, she has to feed chickens and pigs, and should take care of children or old people if they fall ill. A housewife in the city is even more busy than her counterpart in the countryside if she has a job or a small business. They live in this way day after day and year after year.What are the effects? Women living in hundreds of millions of small families are busily occupied in family affairs and do not have much time of leisure. Not many people can have an efficient and leisurely life.

In the streamline type of life in the Second Home, each person is engaged only in one job. Some will only take charge of cooking, some will only take charge of washing clothes, some will specialize in purchase, some in cleaning, some in looking after children, some in working in fields, some in repairing, some in dealing with the outside world, and so on. Everyone does a job that he or she likes. As a result, the efficiency is increased, the cost is lowered, and leisure time is increased, and the feeling and mood becomes more peaceful and calm. Strictly speaking, in the small workshop type of life, everyone is rushing about to make a living; while in the streamline type of life in the Second Home everyone is playing games for a life.  

Without the invention and application of the great streamline type of production, it would be impossible for us to enjoy everything that we have today, it would be impossible for mankind to have a brighter future, and it would be impossible for mankind to enter the highly civilized society and times. Anyone who does not embrace streamline production will be eliminated, and any production and life style that does not embrace streamline will be eliminated.

The conclusion is that the small workshop types of production will inevitably be eliminated and replaced by streamline type of production. And the small workshop type of family life will inevitably be eliminated and be replaced by the streamline type of the life of the Second Home. This is an unavoidable historical development.

Or in another word, no matter whether you like it or not, the traditional family life is bound to be replaced by the life of the Second Home, and the traditional small family will be swept into the historical dustbin as a backward and ignorant way of life.



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