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[2015-2016 Yunnan] The Titbits of the Party in Yinyi Ecovillage

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The Titbits of the Party in Yinyi Ecovillage


February 11, 2016

(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

All photos were taken by Fajie Celestial.

Holding Parties is a major cultural activity in the Second Home. We normally hold one per month in each of our branches. They not only enrich the cultural and recreational activities of the Second Home and cultivate the characters of celestials in heaven, but they are also to copy the lifestyle of the Thousand Year World that we might get used to the lifestyle of those celestials living there. Because the times are rough, we have suspended the parties for nearly two years. Even now, the conditions for having parties remain bad. There are no good places for parties, and we can not hold the parties at night, so we can only find temporary places to have them in the daytime. Whatever the conditions are, the culture of the Second Home will blossom splendidly, even amidst the devastation. This time, Fajie Celestial volunteered to take photos. He is not an experienced photographer, but you can still feel the happy, exuberant atmosphere.

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