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[Values] 800 Values for New Era Human Being: No.601~700

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800 Values for New Era Human Being: No.601~700


601.To marry is to be duped by the patriarchal clan system, by the autocratic governors, and ultimately by Satan.

602.Marriage licenses are legal bills of sale on people’s most freedom of their life.

603.Chinese written characters were created by god. Let us consider the character “婚” (marriage), what does it mean? 女 means women, 昏 means confused. So, “婚” means that women marry when they are confused, and that men unite with women who are confused. That is “结婚” (get married).

604.Of all the traditions established by people, marriages and families are the worst; they maintain the rule of men, but actually benefit no one.
605.Secular relatives help us to fall into hell as they hinder our ascent to heaven. Therefore, Jesus Christ said that a man’s foes will be the members of his own household.

606.Traditional marriages and families have caused a lot of harm. Of all the relationships between people, those between married couples are the most difficult to maintain, the most unfortunate, the most upsetting, the most emotionally destructive, and the most restricting. This has been proven repeatedly with endless examples everywhere over thousands of years. Therefore, to see through them and emancipate oneself from their shackles as soon as possible is to swim out of the abyss of misery and reach the shore of freedom.

607.The traditional family life program is the birthplace of humanity’s afflictions. Marriages and families are boundless abysses of misery.

608.Families are prisons of souls, shackles weighing people down, the root causes of narrow, selfish greed, barriers to freedom, obstacles to people’s natures, the greatest barriers to realizing beautiful lives, and stumbling blocks that prevent people from advancing toward higher levels space of LIFE .

609.None of the contradictions, conflicts, and disasters occurring in traditional families are caused by parents, children, husbands, wives, or any sisters or brothers, but by the program of family life itself, which carries spiritual viruses. No matter how civilized people might be, they can not help being infected by them once they enter the family program.

610.It is unnecessary for couples to marry, because their love might not last forever, but if it is to have any chance of doing so, then they should occasionally separate and live apart.

611.If you have a traditional family, love it, and cannot leave it, then no matter how well you engage in self-cultivation, how far you cultivate it, or how thorough your cultivation is, then you can never reach or have any relationship with heaven.

612.The abysses of misery are boundless, so repent and be saved. What are the abysses of misery? Marriages and families are! They are the roots of all agonies and afflictions. People’s vexations, depressions, anxieties, and misgivings all stem from them. “The abysses of misery are boundless, return to the right track and you will see the shore.” Where is the shore? The shore is the the New Oasis for Life (formerly the Second Home), created by Lifechanyuan. Devoid of marriages and families, it offers the most ideal lifestyle and is the only hope to end suffering and afflictions.

613.We should address problems from their root causes. The root cause for the suffering and affliction of the masses is the existence of families. They are like garbage; if it is not thrown away, then flies cannot be kept away; without the disappearance of families, the misery and affliction of the masses will never end. To occupy yourself with relieving people’s endless misery and suffering on surface rather than addressing their root causes is dealing with a situation ineffectively, as one who tries to stop water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back in , without turning the fire off or cutting branches off brambles but not digging up their roots. Wherever families exist, so will endless misery and suffering. If we do not start with the root causes, then the misery and suffering of the masses would remain and continue, even if Guatama Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Lao-tzu were still in the world; were families to exist in heaven, then even heaven would change into an abyss of misery.

614.Marriages and families are Satan’s cradles; upon entering them, even angels become devils; upon entering them, everyone becomes prone to commit crimes.

615.The cells of society are its individual people, NOT its families; the essence of society is people, NOT relation of production. Families are only relationships for production and only the cells of certain social formations related to production, but not the cells of society. The best societies have no families.

616.Difficulties and hardships never crush people; only the invisible pressures and destructive nature of marital and family bonds make them lose confidence in life, feel that life is meaningless, and even collapse.

617.Marriages and families are the hotbeds and soil to generate selfishness, the sources of trouble and misery, and are enough to cause one to commit crimes.

618.The human world is mortal only because of the existence of marital bonds because they require that couples possess each other, occupy each other, depend on each other, tie each other down, and form shields against the outside world. No one who is wrapped in a marital bond can be unselfish and able to reach the realm of heaven.

619.The most complex and troubling relationships in the world are marital bonds. Not only are they the saddest and most disappointing ones, but also the most desired and desperate. When involved with them, one must avoid being too hard or too soft, too near or too far, too strong or too weak, or going to or coming from them; they are tangled like silk, untouchable like flame and ice, unspeakable, and indistinct.

620.Marriages are tombs of love, and families are sources of humanity’s sin. Being involved with one, people lose their freedom; having one, they become selfish. Marriages and families have generated boundless misery and are the abysses of misery themself.

621.Ending nuclear families and establishing BIG families under Xuefeng-style communism is the only way for new era people to advance.

622.Escaping from nuclear families is not escaping from one’s relatives; it is escaping from the traditional life program and entering a new life program; it is absolutely:
  • NOT leaving one’s duties and obligations
  • NOT disregarding one’s relatives
  • NOT abandoning filial piety.

623.Traditional families are ingrained. Family consciousnesses have infiltrated into everyone’s blood, cells, and even souls. Traditional families are like huge icebergs which have grown for thousands of years, so they will not disappear today or tomorrow, but mankind has come to the crossing of a transformational era. When enough people realize the disadvantages of traditional families and take part actively in the work of melting these icebergs, then mankind has hope and the Greatest Creator will show appreciation and offer a way out. Vicious cycles can change or even reverse and people can be led into a happy era. However, if too many people choose to maintain their traditional families and not enough join to melt the icebergs, then they will suffer the punishment of natural law.

624.Throughout history, family tragedies have been performed throughout the world continually. From remote countrysides to prosperous cities, from the illiterate to Nobel prize winners, from ordinary citizens to international celebrities, and from official, commercial, and cultural circles, the tragedies resulting from families are repeated everywhere. Facts speak more loudly than words; people should reflect and discuss profoundly to change the traditional family life patterns and improve everyone’s existence.

625.After breaking up marriages and families, is any life pattern better than the traditional one? Yes! Since 2009, Lifechanyuan has put into practice a new and different kind of production and life mode, that is “The Second Home”, now renamed “the New Oasis for Life”. One hundred and eighty (180) people, young and old, early and late, participated in our practice for up to eight (8) years, and proved that the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life is superior to the traditional one. For more details, please refer to:
Our English language website:
Our Chinese language website:

626.The New Oasis for Life is a new life pattern for people created by Lifechanyuan which has been proven to be successful in practice.
The general program of the New Oasis for Life has eight (8) objectives:
  • Unify all thoughts and all beliefs into one the Greatest Creator’s will.
  • Unify all religions into one uniform religion.
  • Unify the whole world with 800 Values for New Era Humans.
  • Lead mankind into the Lifechanyuan Era, which is characterized by the absence of state, religion, political party, marriages, families, and spousal relationships, and in which the following will happen:
  • “The worthy person will fully utilize their talents”
  • “The whole world will be as one family”
  • “No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside and house will not need to be locked at night”
  • Everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvesting, and everyone will be happy, joyous, free, and blessed.

628.The New Oasis for Life has eight (8) characteristics:
  • Take the way of the Greatest Creator: holographic order management.
  • Possess nothing yet own everything.
  • Ask for and take only what you need.
  • Have no marriages or nuclear families.
  • Educate the young, support the old, and feed everyone.
  • Politics and Religion are NOT to be practiced.
  • Everyone works to the best of their abilities.
  • Be flexible, act tactfully, and bend according to the situation.

629.The New Oasis for Life consists of people who are not ready to marry and establish families, have divorced and choose not to remarry and set up another family, and couples who are both Chanyuan celestials. This new life pattern copies the lifestyle of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World. The main content of the new life pattern includes:
  •   Non-ownership, with everyone owning nothing but possessing everything.
  •   No marriages, no families, and no distinctions between close and distant relationships; relationships between everyone are as those between sisters, brothers, close relatives, and lovers.
  • Everyone takes what they need but never waste orindulges in luxuries or extravagances.
  • The homestead shall be collectively responsible for everyone’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating the children, and for nursing and supporting the elderly.
  •   Everyone chooses jobs according to their skills and hobbies and does their best to ensure the highest quality performance in the work they do; there is no place for lazybones or parasites in the Second Home.
  • Everyone’s bedroom is their sacred and private space which is free from disturbance and interference; no one intrudes into these special spaces under any pretense with any excuse. All other spaces are public.
  • Everyone shall enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives.
  • Individuality shall blend with commonness; commonness shall accommodate individuality. There shall be both uniform will and a personally comfortable mood, and everyone must be able to exhibit their special talents. It is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals.
  • Holographic order management will be implemented; namely, that non-management is the best management. There are no bosses or offices; everything runs on the members’ own initiatives and under the 800 values for New Era Human Beings.

630.The New Oasis for Life bombardstraditional marriages and families; a program of life which is infected with viruses. Such viruses will encroach upon the sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in human nature and drag the originally happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives into abysses of suffering, anxiety, enslavement, and desperation. To disband them and replace them with a brand-new style of life is the most important matter that concerns every person’s happiness. Leaving traditional families for the New Oasis for Life of Lifechanyuan resembles leaving one family and entering another one outwardly, but the content of life is actually totally different. The New Oasis for Life is not only capable of what traditional families are, but also of much, much more.

631.The New Oasis for Life is the number one home in the world. A happy and auspicious place is one that is blessed by the grace of the Greatest Creator; a pleasant and jubilant place is one that is cared for by Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni; a free and beautiful place is one in which the dreams of the sages and saints of past generations are realized. This is the first homestead born for the grand adjustment of LIFE; it serves the purification of the Earth and lays foundations for the new life of humanity after 2013. It is hoped that virtuous people will find the gate to our first homestead as quickly as possible and become members as soon as possible. This is the most important of all issues for you to address. It is time to redefine traditional relationships which have been based on kinship. All those who act on the order of the Greatest Creator are our relatives and all those whose souls resonate to the same frequency as ours are also.

632.In order to realize the ideals of sages and saints as well as the wishes of the broad masses and to set a good example for mankind, Lifechanyuan has initiated an unprecedented model of a new life style for humanity’s future – The New Oasis for Life. This is no longer idle theorizing, but a reality of life. The New Oasis for Life is a copy of the Thousand-year World, but in the human world. It is the base of self-cultivation for Chanyuan celestials to thoroughly remould themselves and become Celestial beings and the transfer station from the human world to heaven. The New Oasis for Life explores a new pattern of life. We believe firmly that when everyone lives according to the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life, their tribulations will be alleviated, their suffering will be eased, nature’s deterioration will be reversed, and we will have entered into the Lifechanyuan Era that is to last for a millenium. The New Oasis for Life has solved problems that have been with us for thousands of years, such as support for the elderly. By consolidating and improving continuously, the New Oasis for Life will become a paradise, not only for children, young people, and middle-aged people, but particularly for the elderly.

633.All members of the New Oasis for Life are transferred to a new location every three years. That is, after working and living in a certain branch, they are transferred to live and work in another one.

634.Any member living and working in the New Oasis for Life shall be expelled from the homestead immediately if they are found to have intentionally caused physical, psychological, or spiritual harm to any other member.

635.Laziness is the archenemy of the New Oasis for Life. Diligence symbolizes beauty, while laziness creates ugliness; diligence leads to bright futures, while laziness ruins the happiness endowed by the Greatest Creator. Laziness destroys everything; it makes people sink into depravity; it corrupts and erodes people’s wills, spirits, souls, and bodies; it causes the collapse of diligent collectives; it destroys the spiritual health of communities as viruses, and eventually casts listless and spiritless spells over everything. What comes out of it are depression, ruination, and destruction.

636.Laborers have the greatest souls; although they may not be able to compose articles of great literary talent and wisdom, they may lack the skills for debate, they are not clever enough to exhibit their intelligence, they may be extremely ordinary, they may not be able to recite Buddhism and Taoism, and they may not be able to quote phrases and sentences from the classics, they still have the greatest souls; their behaviors in themselves prove that they have abided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and sages and saints.

637.Birthdays are not celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.

638.Only festivals which glorify nature are celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.

639.The New Oasis for Life will implement a holographic order management pattern. Holographic order management is non-management. Everyone is always both the master and the servant. One is different from another only in the type of work they do. There exist no hierarchical relationships between the leaders and the governed. Everyone does their best to bring their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play. Everyone says what is on their mind, does their own work, takes charge of their own responsibilities, builds their own paths, and goes their own way without minding anyone else’s business. They are responsible to themselves and to the Greatest Creator, but to no one else. They will not help unless asked, but will render it immediately if it is. Anyone who offers a suggestion will be responsible for its execution. Everyone will build a sacred court in their own conscience and pass judgment upon themselves.

640.The most significant characteristic of the New Oasis for Life which distinguishes it from the secular society and other communities is that there are no marriages or families, and no individuals upon whom to depend with regard to one’s emotional and sexual life. We take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relationships, act in accordance with our natures, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

641.The New Oasis for Life is not a shelter. No one who intends to escape secular debts, obligations, implications, or punishment can join us.

642.The New Oasis for Life is not a charity.

643.The New Oasis for Life is a paradise which consists of the most civilized, diligent, kindhearted, and selfless people.

644.Affectionate and romantic love in the New Oasis for Life: Affectionate love is considered to be a precious gift bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. Romantic love is the inevitable path to sublimating human nature and leaving for the high-level space of LIFE; Affectionate and romantic love are two souls dancing in resonance. As long as both parties desire each other, they can do whatever they feel is appropriate. Nobody supervises, interferes, bothers, gossips backsides, possesses, occupies, or envies another. Freedom is everything; respecting each other’s freedom fully. Never do the slightest bit of mental, spiritual, or physical harm, or act against the least bit of reluctance from another person.

645.The eight (8) advantages of the New Oasis for Life:
  • Life is guaranteed, there is no longer any need to worry about food, clothing, shelter, or transportation; you will be cared for when you are sick and your affairs and remains will be dealt with after you pass on.
  • You will live for your values and faith, escape from the secular world, and no longer suffer from its structure and business.
  • Without the control of relatives, you will achieve more physical, mental, and spiritual freedom; nobody will watch you, bother you, or tangle with you; you will no longer be entangled with the issues of your young children.
  • Regardless of how you might change, you will always be able to find someone whose personality and temper will fit yours and with whom to work, chat, and enjoy life.
  • As the division of labor is clear-cut, you will have a great amount of free time in which to do what you want and read what you like.
  • There are endless activities and entertainment to keep you from ever feeling bored or lonely.
  • Our collective energy will always support your path to achieving Tao and liberating yourself from the sansara of reincarnations, then leaving for heaven.
  • Our collective energy will help you to overcome all hardships.

646.The New Oasis for Life defines no rules or regulations and no leadership roles in the traditional sense. One is different from another only in the division of labor. There are no top-down relationships between the leaders and the governed. Everyone is the master of the homestead and everyone needs to carry out their responsibilities and obligations as masters. All affairs should be handled flexibly in accordance with the principle of “Keep the main but change the others according to the situation”, “Buddha has no set rules; Buddha’s rules always conform to meet the situation” Anyone can do whatever they want, consistent with the nature of origin, which consists of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty.

647.The New Oasis for Life does not practice democracy, but rather Superman philosophy; this is how the division of labor of all affairs among everyone works; each person has the final say over their own jobs. Anyone who accepts a job has the final say over how it gets done, but also accepts all the consequences.

648.The New Oasis for Life is not an organization in any form, not a political one and not a religious one. It is a loosely unified utopian group which consists of people who share the same resonance of soul, and who are willing to produce and live together according to the 800 Values of the New Era Human Being. There are no organizational forms to go beyond the charter, the convention, the constitution, or the laws, nor does it have any power to deal with contradictions, conflicts, violations of laws, or disciplining anyone.

649.The New Oasis for Life is not a promiscuous place; rather, it is a highly-civilized place where people interact with each other, with society, and with nature in very harmonious ways.

650.The New Oasis for Life opposes psychic activities, chanting mantras, fortune telling, the use of supernatural powers, magical arts, witchcraft, ESP (extrasensory perception), psychokinetic power, members praying collectively in support of individuals, and holding unified Qigong practice or meditational activities.

651.No political or religious ceremonies are allowed in the New Oasis for Life.

652.The New Oasis for Life does not condone the building of temples and churches, hanging any portraits of gods, Buddha, prophets, or saints, engaging in any form of personal worship activities, or engaging in any sneaky and furtive activity dealing with spirits and deities or fortunes and disasters.

653.The program for entering the New Oasis for Life:
  •   Learn and understand these 800 Values for New Era Human Beings.
  •   Communicate with other members on our website for at least half a year; present an application if you are satisfied.
  •   If nothing bonds you to secular society, then you can enter and live in the New Oasis for Life.

654.Small workshop production modes will inevitably be replaced with the streamline production technique; small workshop style families will inevitably be replaced with the streamline style – the New Oasis for Life. Whether you like it or not, it is a historical imperative that the traditional family lifestyle WILL be replaced by the New Oasis for Life mode of life; the traditional small family order WILL be seen as an ignorant and backward lifestyle to be swept into the garbage bin of history.

655.Collective lives are superior to individual ones; they are the best places for self-improving and self-refining. If we cannot blend into collective lifestyles and go through the edification and smelting of collective lives, then we will never be able to enter heaven.

656.To scale the highest realms of life and LIFE, we should resolve to sublimate ourselves into collective lives, because without doing this, our dreams and ideals cannot be realized. Thus far, no people have yet experienced real collective lives. A group of people simply working together cannot be counted as a real collective unless all their members’ food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death are included as public interests, and with neither private property, private ownership, nor marriages and families, and when those coworkers also live and relax together and share all their blessings and woes. Any differences between individuals in terms of status, life, or enjoyment means a departure from the tenet of collectivism.

657.The perfect ideal group is made up of excellent individuals. Without excellent ones, the so-called ideal group would only be a castle in the air and impossible to achieve.

658.Consciousness determines existence. The form of consciousnesses will determine the form of LIFE, and that will determine the living conditions.

659.The combined wisdom of three cobblers can never match that of a master strategist; the thinking of the multitudes can never equal the great vision and insight of a saint.Democracy will always be the pursuit of mediocrity , the magical weapon to cling to bygone values, and its proponents will always use it as their hidden weapon to strangle saints.

660.Consciousnesses sense territories; they like familiar places but feel uncomfortable in strange ones, so they are usually reborn into familiar environments. Therefore, if you yearn for a place, you must first develop a conscious familiarity with that place.

661.Consciousnesses originate from structures and they act upon them. Energy is neutral; it comes and goes with changes of structure. Consciousnesses come from nonmaterial structures; different nonmaterial structures give birth to different consciousnesses.

662.The ultimate goal of life is not to move toward death, but toward another life; the ultimate goal of a fetus is not to grow in the womb, but to come to the human world. Human society is like a big womb; one must pass through what appears to be “death” in order to go to another world. Therefore, death is not the end; it is the beginning of another journey of LIFE.

663.Do not learn too many skills; specializing in one is enough. Even without much expertise or talent, one can lead an easy life if they are honest, diligent, kind, sincere, unsophisticated, or keep the faith. Life is very short, so why worry yourselves over business and always be tired?

664.Consider water; it takes the form of any container which holds it; it can be round or square depending on its container. We also possess this property. Different generals will produce soldiers of different fighting abilities and different environments will foster different kinds of people. If you live on a mountain, then you will learn the tweeting of birds; if you live beside water, then you will learn about fish; if you work with ink, then you will stain yourself black; if you associate with saints, then you will develop agile thinking, sudden enlightenment, and transcendence over vulgarity; if you mingle with laities, then you will have prejudicial thinking, contention, and vulgar interests.

665.You must think before you can solve; when your thoughts change, everything that follows also changes; first get the concept, then carry it out.

666.The highest realm of thinking is holographic thinking; it is the thinking of the Greatest Creator. It can also be called the thinking of god, which is unimaginable to ordinary people. Buddha Sakyamuni attained non-form thinking, Lao Tzu achieved Taiji thinking, celestials achieve visualized thinking, Zhuge Liang, Einstein, and the like achieved associative thinking; artists like Beethoven knew image thinking; common people are stuck in material thinking. Religionists possess illusive thinking.

667.The most significant feature of illusive thinking is that every small step is a step forward, but all of them eventually return to their original starting points; that all ideas are correct but return to their original starting points after a big circle.

668.Long-standing habits induce mindsets which are very difficult to break away from after they form. Everyone’s intellects are covered by invisible meshes of thinking and everyone is weighed down by heavy crosses. Whether they feel them or not, they have neither the courage nor the power to break away from them. Seeing people around them living in this manner sets them at ease and justifies their own behaviors; they become accustomed to their situations, numb, and tolerate them. They never think to ask, “Why is it this way?”, or “Is there another way?”.

669.Without unconventional thinking, it is impossible to escape from fate. We should work while common people idle with their hands crossed behind their backs, but relax while common people hustle and bustle, because 98% of people live according to planned programs. The trajectory of their lives and beings have been programmed from screenplays. To avoid the confines of heaven and earth, we must escape from the bondages of the Three Realms and Five Elements and leave the realm of necessity for the realm of freedom. We must not resonate with the thinking and mindsets of the multitudes; rather, we should act in the opposite way.

670.What is thought to be impossible with conventional thinking can be solved easily with unconventional thinking. Topology is unconventional thinking; it can shift positions of space and interconnect closed spaces both internally and externally; it is impossible to distinguish between interiors and exteriors, just as with mobius strips, where it is impossible to determine the obverse from the inverse. Therefore, when we face psychological obstacles, spiritual depression, difficult situations in life, or feel that our situations are hopeless, unconventional thinking will guide us to find hope right under our noses.

671.Unconventional thinking is the magical weapon for us to explore the profound mysteries of the universe and discover its truths. It is the best way for us to find the true meaning of life. As long as we proceed forward steadily, we will eventually enter into a vast world at which time we will be amazed to understand the nature of the universe and the profound mysteries of LIFE; we will be thrilled to learn that a beautiful future life as a celestial being awaits us, we will love LIFE and mankind more deeply, and we will cherish this life even more.
672.As we know from the mystery of the three elements of the universe – consciousness, structure, and energy – our beautiful futures will not be created by our hands, but by our brains; that is, by our consciousnesses.

673.You are the only one who can end your worldly ties. The best way to do this is by giving alms formlessly.

674.The most brilliant swordmanshiplacks a sword; the most supreme mind-dharma lacks a mind; the most profound Buddha dharma lacks Buddha; the greatest self lacks self.

675.Buddha is nature; nature is Buddha.

676.We should cultivate pure and clean minds which do not abide in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharma, but actually abide nowhere. We should have no notions of egos, personalities, beings, or lives of Dharma or non-Dharma. Form is emptiness and absolute emptiness is form.

677.The merits and virtues of formless alms-giving outweigh those of the seven-treasures almsgiving that are as countless as the grains of sand in the Ganges river; the returns on formless almsgiving are inconceivable. One should give without a mind abiding in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or things. A Bodhisattva should give alms without a mind abiding in false notions of form (laksana). Everything with form is unreal; all that is void of different forms is called Buddha. A Bodhisattva should not be after merit or virtue.

678.Those who suggest that Buddha Sakyamuni preached dharma, slander Buddha and do not understand the essence of Buddha’s teaching or the gist about the way of Buddha. All dharma is the way of Buddha; the real way of Buddha is free from ego, personality, being, life, and dharma.

679.All phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, and shadows; like dew and lightning; thusly should you meditate upon them. No dharma of inaction can be expressed; they come like lightning and vanish as illusions. There is neither entity, nonentity, sound, breath, edge or border, movement, nor target. They are invisible, intangible, and tremendously powerful; can neither be hidden nor stolen; are forever changing.

Everything is them, yet they are not everything. Conform to them, and you will enjoy smooth faring and peace for tens of thousands of years; go against them, and your future will suffer frustration and disasters.

680.Buddha Sakyamuni is not the ancestor of Buddha; only the Greatest Creator is.

681.Words of Tathagata are real and true. They are ultimate; neither deceitful nor heterodox. The Dharma the Tathagata has obtained is neither real nor unreal. It possesses human eyes, deva eyes, wisdom eyes, Dharma eyes, and Buddha eyes and is so named because Buddha is as he is, coming from nowhere and going to nowhere.

682.Everything with form is unreal. If all forms are seen as unreal, then Tathagata will be perceived.

683.“All Bhadras and Aryas differ because of the Eternal Asamskrta Dharma.”

684.All rules are Buddha’s rules, and yet all rules are not Buddha’s rules; Buddha has no set rules; Buddha’s rules always vary according to the situation. So-called Buddha’s rules, are non-Buddha’s rules.

685.Never believe that you can, “liberate living beings”; “you cannot save a fish from drowning in water”.

686.“Those who see my outward appearance and seek me in sound, tread the heterodox path, and cannot perceive Tathagata.”

687.Buddha has no mind; Buddha is nature. An enlightened heart is perceptive of nature; perceptive of Buddha.

688.Without the perception of nature, one will always be bewildered and seek others’ help but never find Buddha; without it, even those who can explain the creed of The Twelve Classics only say demonic words; without it, it is impossible to obtain the way of Buddha; without it, even praying for Buddha, reciting sutra, chanting mantras, making vigorous effort, building or repairing temples, offering and sustaining, freeing captive animals, kowtowing, and burning incense, one still cannot become Buddha.

689.Give homage to the perfection of wisdom, the lovely, the holy! Avalokita, the Holy Lord, and Bodhisattva were moving in the deep course of wisdom which has gone beyond. He looked down from high above; He beheld but five heaps; He saw that they were empty in their own-being.

690.Form is emptiness, the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is emptiness is form. The same is true for feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.

691.All dharmas are emptiness; they are neither produced nor stopped, defiled nor immaculate, and neither deficient nor complete.

692.In emptiness, there is:
  • No form, feeling, perception, impulse, or consciousness
  • No seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, or thinking
  • No decaying and dying; no end of decaying and dying
  • No suffering, origination, stopping, or path
  • No attainment or nonattainment

693.Rely on the perfection of wisdom, expose your mind, and it will be entirely free from worry; thusly, you will overcome all fear and all that upsets you, and ultimately attain Nirvana.

694.Those who rely on the perfection of wisdom are fully enlightened.

695.Gone, gone,gone beyond,gone completely beyond,praise to awakening.

696.Life is a journey of LIFE in the human world, what is heard and seen during the journey is an illusion; indulging in the illusion gives an abyss of misery, while escaping from the illusion takes you to heaven.

697.Dreams are illusions, but we rarely indulge them; life is an illusion, so why do we indulge it unawakendly? When we awaken, our dreams disappear; when our life is over, the illusion of life will disappear.

698.Nature has been polluted, but who are its worst polluters? Who has polluted nature more seriously, the poor or the wealthy? Is it not those who possess the most wealth who harm nature the most? The more we take from nature, the more we go into debt; debt which must be paid off. Those who are in debt must pay their debts; nobody can transfer them or substitute for them, nor should they be allowed to.

699.Across thousands years of civilization, who have been the most unselfish people? They were Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and Mother Teresa. Therefore, it is right to follow their teachings.

700.Feeling happy is the most important thing in life. First you are happy, then you are a celestial being. What can lead to happiness? Being philosophical and enlightened!


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