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NewOasisForLife Globalists
We are Globalists


Lifechanyuan does not belong to any countries, political parties, nationalities and religions, but belong to the whole mankind. What we pursue is not the statism or nationalism, but the globalism.


The Lifechanyuan era initiated by us belongs to the whole mankind, and Chanyuan Celestial is a name which does not have nationality.


Lifechanyuan originated from Africa; and its values publicity started from Japan; its extensive publicity started from North America; its website server was not in China.


We love China, and we also love Japan and all other countries around the world. We love Chinese, Japanese and all people around the world. Chanyuan Celestials of Lifechanyuan will come from different nationalities around the world, including a lot of Japanese. We cannot build Lifechanyuan with hatred, but love.


When most people around the world have become Chanyuan Celestials, states,religions, political parties and families will disappear; and all countries such as U.S., Britain, Japan and China will disappear; the hatred among different nationalities will also disappear.So we do not treat the world and various nationalities from the perspectives of history or present, but from the future perspective of Lifechanyuan era.

  You may misunderstand that Lifechanyuan is just a Chinese organization because its language used currently is in Chinese. This is an illusion. In the future, you will see the different versions of Lifechanyuan—English version,Korean version and Japanese version; then you will not think that Lifechanyuan is confined to land of China.

In light of cultural heritage, the current Chanyuan Celestials belong to Chinese nation; however, in light of territorial scope, the current Chanyuan Celestials belong to U.S., Canada, France,Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan and China;in light of nationality, Chanyuan Celestials belong to American, German. If I want, I can become an African in three months; so Lifechanyuan dose not represent China but the world. As a result, Lifechanyuan does not have the problem of hating Japanese nor Chinese.

Perhaps you will laugh at us and think that the values of Lifechanyuan can not be accepted by other ethnic people except some parts of Chinese. I can tell you it is much easier for other ethnic people to accept the Lifechanyuan values than our Chinese. In light of  Lifechanyuan values, I have talked about it with Englishmen, Portuguese, Brazilians and Africans; they are all interested in it and ask me when the English version can come into the world. I told them that we only have the Chinese version, while after we finish the main theory framework in Chinese, we will start to spread Lifechanyuan in other languages around the world. At that time, lots of people from other countries and nationalities will become Chanyuan Celestials.

So, Lifechanyuan will not only safeguard the interest of Chinese people but the interest of all people around the world. As a result, we don’t have the hatred for Japanese.
It will be an enormous mistake if you just regard Lifechanyuan as a self-refining organization. A large quantity of content in Lifechanyuan values is not about self-refining and self-improving but to teach people how to be an upright person. Why does not Lifechanyuan choose the way of Christ, the way of Buddha, the way of Muslim, theway of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong, the way of becoming a Celestial Being and theway of science, but the way of the Greatest Creator? Because Lifechanyuan wants to normalize all the religions and to initiate a brand-new era for all human beings—Lifechanyuan era.  

Statism and nationalism can not relieve the suffering of human beings; on the other hand they will aggravate the suffering of people and accelerate the occurrence of those disasters. So we do not advocate and encourage people to hate each other, but advocate people to forgive, understand, respect and support each other. This is also in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ — to love your foes; in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha — to be merciful; and it is further in accordance with the benevolence tenet of Confucianism of Chinese nation.


A man with knowledge, wisdom and benevolence should not narrowly go around campaigning for his own interest, but should first serve for the whole mankind. That is the difference of nobility and the inferiority, the difference of human and animal.


Human being should not be restricted and led by the representatives of different interest groups, but should be guided by those —— the most civilized people.




Apply for Chanyuan Celestial




Eight Attainments to Be a Chanyuan Celestial 


Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan are those who have been equipped with the values of Heaven but still live in mortal world; or can also be said that with one foot remaining in the mortal world while the other foot has stepped into the gate of Heaven.




A Chanyuan Celestial Has Eight Happy Fortunes

Being a Chanyuan celestial , one will have eight extraordinary good fortunes.



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