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NewOasisForLife Founder Xuefeng

The Personal Information of Xue Feng

– for whoever is interested


As the founder of Lifechanyuan, my role is to reap “the ripe crops”, initiate the Lifechanyuan era for human beings, and lead Chanyuan celestials to climb the highest realm of Life and LIFE. To people who are practicing self-cultivation, your focus should be on whether the road to which I am leading is clear and whether the values I promote are reasonable. My personal background information should not be too important, though I have mentioned some details in my articles, except for my true name and birthdate. But there remain some people who are curious about me, so in order to satisfy them, I will re-introduce myself with information that can be verified by anyone.


Everything in Lifechanyuan is open to public, we are doing nothing mysterious, and there is nothing we wish to hide. As the founder of Lifechanyuan, it is reasonable for me to expose everything about myself to the public because I do not want to appear furtive.


My legal name on my ID: Zhang Zi Fan (张自繁)

My birthdate on my ID: July 17, 1957


My place of birth was Zhang Village, Lianhua Township, Yongjing County, Gansu Province, China (The intersection of the Yellow River and Da Xia River). The building of the Liujiaxia reservoir caused us to relocate and the name of our local administrative area was renamed, so my original birthplace no longer exists. We then moved to Hetan Township, the autonomous County of Dongxiang Tribe, Gansu Province.


Gender: Male

Height: 172cm (5’8”)

Weight: 80 kg (176 Lbs)

Video: An Interview with Xuefeng

My Ideal


Only Communism Can Save Mankind

Personal Appearance: I have been told that I was a “handsome guy”! Even now some people say that I am an “old handsome guy”. However, some people online said online that I am really ugly. No!


Middle school: The #3 Middle School of Dongxiang County


Technical college: Plier, Zhangjiakou Geological Technical School, Department of Geological Minerals


College: Lanzhou College of Education; transferred to Jiuquan College of Education


University: Advanced class, majoring in International Trading, University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China.


Resume (in chronological order): 


Communist party branch secretary, League branch secretary, Administrative clerk, Accountant of the Production Brigade (in my hometown after I graduated from high school)

Technician - Prospecting team, Geological Mineral Department, Gansu Province

English teacher - The Children’s School for Prospecting team, Geological Mineral Department, Gansu Province

Drilling machine and motorcycle repairer - The #3 hydrology team in Jiuquan City, Geological Mineral Department

English teacher -  The 2’nd Middle School of Geological Mineral Department, Gansu Province

Statistical officer - Lanzhou Yuzhong Prospecting Machinery Factory, Lanzhou City.

Interpreter - A Chinese company in Zimbabwe, Africa

Self-employed - Zimbabwe; before I founded Lifechanyuan. I was operating two grocery stores, a bar, a club and a fast food restaurant.


Political Background: Joined the Communist Party of China in 1975, and left the party automatically because of my engagement in overseas businesses. Although I am no longer a member of the Communist Party, I have never changed my faith to devote my life to the realization of it.


Family Background: I was born and brought up in a poor farming family.


My Father: A member of the Communist Party of China, he was a very firm believer and practitioner of communism and devoted his full life to it.


My Mother: A very hardworking and kind farmer and an obedient and capable wife.


My wife: She is with me whenever I go and works with me. We change our living places quite often and she is basically always beside me. She is now a Chanyuan celestial and lives with me in the community too. Her room is next door to mine.


My Son: He went to overseas for middle school education when he was 11, and received his university education in USA. He is married now with a native American girl and legally a citizen of USA. I wanted another child - a girl, but because of the birth control polity, I just have one child.


Crime Record: I never had any criminal activity, and never did anything against law. My record is very clear.


Religious Background: When I was a child, I used to go to temple with my mother to worship some kind of Chinese gods like the earth god, king of dragon god, Erlang shen etc. I got some knowledge about Taoism from my grandma, and a little Buddhism from my mother. I knew some Islam from my Muslim colleague, and also a little Hinduism from a few Indian people. I’ve learnt the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses for three years, and had been to the “Kingdom Hall” from time to time.


Master: Apart from my teachers of primary school, middle school, technical  school, college and university, I never formally acknowledged someone as my master. So I don’t have a master, and I was not descented anything from a master.


Interest: Music. I composed two songs – The Magic Second Home, and The School Song for Lifechanyuan University. I like to play flute, harmonica and dulcimer.


Nickname: My Chinese language teacher of primary school called me “the Phoenix in heaven”; and was nicknamed “Ancient King of Ge Sa Er” by my students when I was a middle school teacher. I was once jeered by my colleagues, and they called me “the half-celestial Zhang”. Until now, Chanyuan celestials called me the “cool guide” and “loving guide”. I was also nicknamed “Shrew” by some people outside Lifechanyuan. Recently, we are building some houses in the 4th branch, my brothers and sisters call me “Zhou Ba Pi” (In Chinese, it is used to describe a mean boss or leader). They intentionally called me this because I did a very tight work schedule for dozens of Chanyuan celestials everyday so that nobody would have an idle moment, moreover, I use a very loud speaker to play music at 7:00 in the morning; Once the music is on, every one has to get up to work, and no one can sleep late.


Hobby: “Flirting”, I love to joke with my brothers and sisters. I like women, I like almost all women, but I never abandon the old when I have a new lover.


This is basically everything about me.

If anyone wants to know more, please ask, and I will certainly answer you.


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