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The Messenger of the Greatest Creator, The Supervisor Soul of Mankind---Xuefeng

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The Messenger of the Greatest Creator

The Supervisor Soul of Mankind---Xuefeng

(Translated by Baobei, Edited by Kaer)

The Messenger of the Greatest Creator,

The Incarnation of Gods, Buddha, Celestial Beings, and Saints,

The Supervisor Soul of Mankind in New Era, —— Deiform Buddha

The Angel Reaping the "Ripe Crops", The Spiritual Guide of Lifechanyuan, —— Xuefeng

Deiform Buddha is the messenger of the greatest creator of the universe, and he is the incarnation of gods, Buddha, celestial beings, and saints. He is also the messenger, the “supervisor soul” from northwest China mentioned by the “Boy from Mars” - Boriska Kipriyanovich.

Deiform Buddha, Xuefeng is the founder of Lifechanyuan and the New Oasis for Life.

After seven thousand years exploration in the darkness, the mankind finally have Lifechanyuan.
Lifechanyuan truthfully explains the origin of the universe, the meaning of time and space, the mystery of LIFE, and the true meaning of life.

It has answers and solutions for human sufferings and increasingly serious crises of the world, it also has answers for inquirying souls for questions as “Who am I, where did I come from, where am I going?”

Lifechanyuan proved the existence of the Greatest Creator, illustrated the eight characteristics of the Greatest Creator and the eight major relations between the Greatest Creator and human being through 40 special natural phenomena and 8 logical reasoning.

Lifechanyuan follows the path of the Greatest Creator, and the core values of Lifechanyuan are to revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, and revere nature.​
Lifechanyuan is a wonderland for resonant souls; it is a big family full of harmony and happiness, and it is a land of idyllic beauty for people living Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness.
Lifechanyuan is not a religion or organization.
It does not belong to any individual, country, nation, religion, political party or organization.​​

Lifechanyuan will lead Chanyuan celestials live through the catastrophe and enter into Lifechanyuan era.

The Early Years:
July 17, 1957:
Zhang Zi Fan wasborn in a farmer’s family by the junction of the Yellow and Daya Rivers inGansu Province, but his LIFE is from the Thousand-year World of heaven.

In histhirty-ninth year on earth, he suffered a curious car accident in Zimbabwe,Africa but is uninjured in that accident which should have surely killed him.His soul awakened in a flash and he later became thoroughly enlightened andtook on the name Xuefeng which means Snow Peak in his native Chinese language.Having been sent by the Greatest Creator and entrusted by Jesus, Buddha, andLao zi, he comes to preach the Way of the Greatest Creator to us and instructsus on how to take His Way, to reap “ripe crops” into the barns of heaven, andto guide humanity into a new golden era which will last for a millenium. Afterhe completes his mission, he will settle in the Baricia island of the CelestialIslands Continent within the Elysium World.

Xuefeng graduallybroke all ties with his companies in Zimbabwe and began to write Chanyuan Corpus and XuefengCorpus, and establish Lifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan is not a religion ororganization, but the beautiful home for human spirits and souls and thetransit station for humans to sublimate into heaven. It is also a college whichoffers both the teachings inherited from Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, andalso the final course on life for people.

Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus provethe existence of the Greatest Creator with forty examples, clarify HIS eightfeatures, explain HIS birth, and describe the origins of the universe, LIFE,and people, and reveal the truth of LIFE in the universe. They complement thesystematic understanding of the Greatest Creator, Dao, the universe, LIFE,nonmaterial world, self-improvement and self-cultivation, humanity and humanlife, the integration of belief with science, and describe the kingdom ofheaven in detail and guide the path to it. They discuss the path of developmentof individuals and society and lay a systematic theoretical foundation for thearrival of the New Era.

Xuefeng begined topreach on the internet and Lifechanyuan was introduced to the public formally. So far, Xuefeng has written 5,000 articlesand constructed a theoretical system of Lifechanyuan with 10,000,000characters.

Xuefeng returns toChina and begins leading Chanyuan Celestials to create the model of the newproduction and life modes for humanity - the Second Home - and to lay apractical foundation for the arrival of the New Era.

Successes and Setbacks in China:

May, 2009:
Construction ofthe first branch of the Second Home in Anning, Yunnan Province begins.

June, 2011:
The third Branchin Chuxiong, Yunnan is built.

August, 2011:
The fourth branchin Lincang, Yunnan is born immediately thereafter.

November, 2013:
The Second Homejoined with the Konohana Family community in Japan as a big family. Konohanabecame the fifth branch of Lifechanyuan and All of Lifechanyuan becomes thesecond branch of Konohana.

November, 2013 throughMarch, 2014:
All three branchesin Yunnan Province were forcibly disbanded by the local governments and allmembers were forced to evacuate because the authorities fail to understand us.

January, 2014:
Xuefeng leadsChanyuan Celestials to Xinjiang, rented a farm in the Gobi Desert, and began tocreate three homes which are named Katel, Gesaer, and Qingema.

April, 2014:
Construction ofNanhua branch began in Nanjing but was disbanded by the local government inJuly.

January, 2015:
Katel and Gesaerwere disbanded by the local governments and the members were forced to leave.

March, 2018:
The same thinghappened at Qingema.

May, 2015:
Xuefeng ledChanyuan celestials to Lijiang, Yunnan Province to rebuild the Second Home at aplace to be named Yinyi Ecovillage.

July, 2016:
Construction ofSesame Hillside began in Lijiang, Yunnan.

November, 2016:
Yinyi and SesameHillside are both disbanded by the local governments.


November, 2016:
After the branchesin China were all forcibly closed, Xuefeng led an expedition of ChanyuanCelestials to Vanuatu Island.

January, 2017:
The expedition wasterminated due to unfavorable climate and environmental factors and everyonereturned to China.

A Bright Canadian Future:

June, 2017:
Xuefeng leads someChanyuan Celestials to explore the possibility of building a New Oasis for Life- formerly, “the Second Home” - in British Columbia, Canada.

September, 2017:
Lifechanyuan buysten acres in British Columbia with the help of all Chanyuan Celestials. The NewOasis for Life is formally born and the Lifechanyuan International Big Familyis successfully registered in November as an NPO (non-profit organization) inCanada.

December, 2017:
The essence ofhuman wisdom - the third edition of 800 Values for New Era Human Beings wascompiled.

New Year's Day,2018:
Humanity entered the Lifechanyuan New Era which will last for a millennium.

December, 2018:
Eighty-threeChanyuan Celestials became Celestial beings collectively. In the same month,preparations were started for the construction of a New Oasis for Life whichwill accommodate three hundred Chanyuan Celestials.

March, 2019
Preparations werestarted for the construction of the Lifechanyuan International Family Thaibranch, which was founded formally in May of the same year.

Lifechanyuan issteadily realizing the blueprint of creating two hundred and fifty-six branchesthroughout the world to lead humanity into the New Era.

A heavenly arkfull of new LIVES has set sail and a prelude to an unprecedented new era hasunveiled, so all those who want to avoid disaster, live heavenly lives, andsublimate their LIVES to a higher level space, please come on board! Let usbuild a paradise home, together in the New Era!




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